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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Flower Pendant by Lisa Haney

Flower Pendant
Designed by Lisa Haney


Makin’s Clay®
Neon Colors – Pink, Yellow, and Green

Recommended Makin’s® Tools

Other Materials:
Burnt Umber Oil Paint
Findings and beads to complete the necklace
Paint Brush
Paper Towel
Small Mixing Cup


Use the ‘F’ well of the Makin’s® Clay Mixing Ruler™ to measure one neon green, one neon pink, and two neon yellow clay plugs.  In the ‘H’ well of the ruler, measure one neon pink and one white clay plug.

Mix together the two larger clay plugs to make light pink.  Mix one neon yellow clay plug with a neon pink clay plug to make pink.  Mix one neon yellow clay plug with a neon green clay plug to make green.

Using the pink clay, push small pieces into just the flowers of the upper right flower arrangement of the Makin’s® Hearts Push Mold.   Push green pieces of clay into the leaves of the same flower arrangement. 

Back the entire arrangement with green clay.  Scrape off any excess clay with your fingernail then rub the edges towards the center of the flower arrangement.

Pop the molded piece out.  Take some time to clean up the edges with your fingers for a nicer looking piece.  A small dab of water on your finger makes it easier to gently rub the extra bits until they are smooth.

I wanted more texture on my arrangement so I used the stylus from the Mixing Ruler kit to add more veins to the leaves and dots to the flowers.

Use the light pink clay and the roller from the Makin’s® Roller and Cutter Set to roll out a base for the pendant.

Cut out an oval from the pink clay using the large cutter from the Makin’s Clay® Oval Cutter Set. 

Use the roller to roll the oval base big enough for a background for the flower arrangement.

Glue the flower arrangement to the pendant base.  Use the stylus to poke a hole on each side of the flowers.

Antique the piece by painting a watered down mixture of burnt umber oil paint and turpenoid all over the pendant.  Immediately wipe off. 

Add a layer of JudiKins Diamond Glaze™.   Immediately add glitter to the flowers.

Allow the piece to dry.

Add jump rings, beads, and finish with a clasp.  Now you have a wonderful necklace to wear, sell, or give as a gift.


Pat Krauchune said...

Flower power pendant, cool!

Marie S said...

Lisa this is great, awesome job!

Donna said...

Great pendant!

Cindi Bisson McGee said...

Pretty - so hard to believe it started as NEONs!

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