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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tassel Pendants by Irit Shalom

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my Makin's Clay® March tutorial.
March is the National Craft Month and to make a new jewelry piece with Makin's Clay® and tools, die, molds and paints sure counts as crafting. I decided to pick a few trends and to use them on this card piece. 

The recent trends are Rose quartz color of the year (it's just light link one); doilies are still trendy; tassels are back as a trend; glitter and gold are the most trendy items on this list. And as I believe, butterflies and flowers are trendy forever.
So here is my new Spring necklace and I made a tutorial for you , so you can duplicate with piece or to make a very similar one.

Makin's Clay® products used:

Peach (from Earth Tones)


Other products:

Molds- Plaid
Glaze-Sweet Stamps
Acrylic paint-ColorArte

Jewelry parts , glitter, ribbon- craft shop


Step 1:  Roll a piece of peach Makin's Clay® over Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat with a roller from Makin’s Professional® Roller and Cutters set®.

Make a sheet of peach clay using Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® on setting 5. Let the sheet of clay be totally dry and then die cut it with My Favorite Things small Doily die. Not every delicate die works on clay sheet; this one works even with small intricate die cutting.

Step 2:
Cut the piece of dry clay sheet (the same color from the previous step) to make a hand made tassel. Ad you can see Tim Holtz scissors are just perfect to cut dry Makin's Clay® sheet.

Step 3:
Pick two small molds  and use White Makin's Clay® to cast a small flower and a small butterfly. I used Plaid molds and didn't take a photo of this step as it was obvious and easy to understand.

Let your shapes to be totally dry and take them of the mold after a couple of hours. You don't need to wait for 24 hours to make the next step.

Step 4:
Paint the dry flower and butterfly with Colorarte Acrylic glaze paints and let it dry.
Makin's Clay® is just a perfect pallet for those shiny paint  as you can see.

Step 5:
Pick a round metal golden base and glue the painted clay daisy flower inside the circle using any possible glaze medium that fit polymer clay. I used Gloss Glastique from Sweet Stamps, but any glaze medium for clay will work.Add some clear fine glitter over the glaze and around the flower.

Glue the painted butterfly with the same glaze over  the die cut clay doily, add some clear fine glitter around and let it dry.

Step 6:
Glue the clay doily over the back side of your metal golden base and now you have double sided clay pendant. 

Add the golden cap over the fringed cut clay to make a tassel. Arrange the base and the tassel as shown and add a black ribbon.

Enjoy you very trendy necklace!

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