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Monday, December 21, 2015

Have a Heart - Wizard of Oz Themed Memory Frame by Carole Monahan

Have a Heart
Oz never did give nothing to The Tin Man (America)
Designed By Carole Monahan

Who doesn’t love the Wizard of Oz???  With Makin's Clay® this image that has been in my head can now become a reality!

Makin’s Brand® Memory Frame - Turning frame double face
60g pack of Makin's Clay® in white
60g Makin's Clay® in blue
20g Makin's Clay® green
1 pack of Makin's Clay® Earth Tones
10g Makin's Clay® Red
Black acrylic paint
Green glitter glue
Beacon™ Tacky Glue

Makin's® Ultimate Clay Machine™
Makin’s® self healing cutting mat
Makin's ® Ultimate Clay Extruder™ with Makin's Clay® Discs # 2 and #9
Makin's Professional® Tool Kit (MY FAVORITE )
Makin's Clay® Brick texture sheet from set A 38001  
Makin’s® Halloween cutter set –Witch hat
X-acto blade
Letter stamps
Small paint brush short bristle


Get your frame ready. I cut 2 pieces of heavy cardstock to the size the frame.

These will be covered in Makin’s Clay®.
Make your Yellow brick road ( of course where else would you start?)  

Roll out a sheet of yellow with your Makin’s ultimate clay machine on setting 2.
Press the texture sheet over the clay rub firmly to get and even impression.

For a hint of the “Scary” forest let’s make a tree!

I loaded 2 colors from the Earth Tones clay collection into the Extruder and used
Disc # 2. It makes the clay come out in great bark like variations.
I took the extrusions and twisted and shaped them together to form the tree.
Now trim the brick path to fit on your cardstock and place the tree.

Now for the fields
Roll out green clay setting 2 on the clay machine (here I made a custom color blend)
Then I took the Feather tool from the Makin’s Professional tool kit to make the grass.
Size everything up on the card stock and trim as needed with X-acto knife

Build the Emerald City by Extruding it with Disc # 9
The Shading tool made the perfect size Door for the Emerald city.

To hint at some evil we can’t forget the poppies!
Just little pinches of red clay pressed into place with the fine point tip of the Professional tool kit
(did I mention this is my favorite tool-tools in one)
 To finish THIS side off I added from Green glitter glue to made the Emerald city really sparkle

Now for Side 2
Again for a “hint” of evil I used the Halloween Witch hat clay cutter to cut out this shape.
We all know every Witch needs her broom.
 I took some of the extruded clay I used for the tree to make her broom.

I custom blended White and Blue to get this pale blue color to make the stamped letters pop
Let the stamped letters dry overnight before adding the paint
Paint the letters and then wipe them with a damp cloth. I left paint on to give it a vintage look.
Glue the blue background into the card stock and then glue the picture mat that comes with your
Memory Frame kit into the front.
Place this into the side slot in the frame and THEN add the hat and broom with Beacon Tacky glue.

Now trim the other Emerald city side to slip into the frame and glue on to the back of this side.
BECAUSE you need extra room for The TIN MAN! He can be removed as well.

As per the TIN MAN well…… let’s just say he is made with some “Wizard’s magic”
We all knew all good wizards never share their secrets!
At least until they have perfected the technique!

This piece has real motion between the tin man jumping and the frame spinning it is
Art in motion !
Check out my facebook page to see and HEAR this piece in ACTION!

Let your creativity lead you down your own path or yellow brick road!!

You can find me on these sites!

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