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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Grandma's Quilt" by Patricia Krauchune

Grandma's Quilt 
Designed by Patricia Krauchune

Supply List:

Makin’s Clay® - White, Blue, Green  
                          - Clay Mixing Ruler™
Beacon’s™ Tacky Glue                                
Needle & green thread                                 
Tyvek® mailing envelope                            
Ruler & scissors                                           
Craft knife                                                    
Gold paint
Metal corners
Green Stazon® ink
Foam board
Cheese cloth 


Measure equal parts of blue and green Makin’s Clay®  in hole “I” in the Makin’s® Clay Mixing
Ruler™.  Mix until uniform in color.

Roll out green clay to 2.4mm thickness or # 3 setting on a clay machine.  Repeat with white clay.  

You can burnish a piece of cheese cloth over the clay to give the appearance of cloth.  

Set aside to dry.

When the rolled out clay is dry, cut (8) 1” squares from the white clay and (8) 1” squares from the green clay.

You should now have 16 squares, (8) white and (8) green.

Cut each of the 16 squares in half diagonally. 

With a needle, poke 3 holes on the diagonal side of each piece.  

The Makin’s Clay® is so flexible that it is easy to cut and sew together.

Now sew together a white and green piece to form a new two colored square.  Do this to all the
pieces to form 16 two colored squares.

Use the template to the right to form your quilt pattern. 

Cut a square about 1” larger than the quilt square from the Tyvek® mailing envelope.  Glue the squares, according to the pattern, to the Tyvek® using the Beacon’s™ glue.  

After the glue has dried, you can now stitch all 16 squares together.

Cut 4 strips, about 5/8” wide, from the left over white clay to edge the quilt.  I stamped a pattern with green Stazon® ink.  You can stamp a pattern of your choice.  Glue strips to edge of quilt.  Trim off excess Tyvek®.

Paint a shadow box gold and add metal corners.

Glue the quilt to some foam board, then glue to shadow box.  

Voila, you just made a Makin’s Clay® quilt square!  Grandma would be proud!

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