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Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Journal with a Steampunk Twist by Patricia Krauchune

By Patricia Krauchune 

Supply List:

Makin’s Clay® - blue, yellow, white, and terra cotta
                          - Clay Mixing Ruler™
                          - Texture Sheet in Gears and Sprockets
Beacon™ Premium Tacky Glue
Silver Rub-N-Buff®
StazOn® black ink
Krylon® 18kt Gold Leafing Pen
Waxed linen thread or waxed dental floss
Paper for pages
Spring from a old ball point pen
Green craft wire
Copper mica powder
Small stamps for words
Awl or safety pin
Needle for stitching pages Small paint brush


1. Using the Makin’s mixing ruler, measure blue and yellow clay in the “I” circle. Then measure white clay in the “H” circle. I mixed the blue and yellow first, then added the white but left some streaks to give a “marbled” effect.

2. Roll out mixed clay. I used an old wood ruler to get the desired thickness of approximately 1/8”.

3. Place the Makin’s gear texture sheet over the rolled out clay and burnish to impress.

4. I made my cover 2 1⁄2 ” X 3”.
5. Cut out a flower in yellow clay using the Makin's flower cutter.

6. Place the cut out flower in the upper left corner. I added a spring with a glass head pin holding it in place. Press an old ball point pen spring at the bottom left corner of the cover.

7. Roll out a small piece of terra cotta clay and cut out  a flower pot shape. Using small stamps and StazOn ink, stamp GEAR UP FOR onto the flower pot. Next twist some green craft wire to form a stem and leaves.
8. Using a small brush, dust copper mica powder into the gear impressions.

9. For the back cover, I used terra cotta clay rolled to 1/8”.

10. The back cover was impressed with the Makin’s sprocket texture sheet.

11. Lay the top cover over the terra cotta clay and trim to size.

12. Set both covers aside to dry.

13. The pages are twice the width of the cover. I made my book with 8 sheets of paper. Fold the 8 sheets in half and using an awl or safety pin, punch 3 holes in the nested pages. See the instructions below to “pamphlet stitch” the pages together.

14. Once stitched, using the Beacon’s Tacky Glue, glue the first page to the inside of the front cover, then the last page to the inside of the back cover. You can now edge the covers with the Krylon paint.
You’re done! Hope you enjoy this project.

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