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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Charity Wings Angel with Makin's Clay®

Here is an angel I created for Charity Wings using Makin's Clay® some wire and glitter.....

Makin's Clay®, White
Beacon Adhesives Tacky Glue
1 1/4" Sparkly Foam Ball, with stem
4" Wire Wing and Halo Set
Ultra Fine Glitter, Iridescent
Kreinik Metallic Thread

Makin's Clay®, Roller, decorative scissor, paint brush

The dress and sleeves were created with Makin's Clay® in white....
after it was rolled out very thin I let it dry.
Then I cut of the edges with decorative scissors and formed the
shapes for the dress and sleeves.
I glued them together with Beacon Adheavies Tacky Glue
and added a sparkly foam head.
I glued the wings and halo to the back 
and added a bit of Kreinik Metallic Thread for the hanger.
I then thinned out some of the tacky glue with water,
brushed it onto the angel and applied ultra fine glitter....

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