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Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting Creative with Clay Mask

I have to say that I absolutely love Makin's Clay®!  It is so easy to work with since it comes out of the package soft and ready to use....all you need to do is create something with either molds, texture sheets, cutters or your own design and since it is no bake you simply let it air dry......nothing could be easier when working with clay!

Last year I shared a Makin's Clay® Mask that I created pictured below:


1.  It was easy to create by simply using a package of the earth tones clay and the leaves push mold; I made several leaves in the assorted colors then glued them onto a 99 cent mask.  Do this before the leaves have completely dried so that you are able to bend them easily over the mask.
2.  Let dry completely, 24 - 48 hours.
3.  Follow manufacturer's instructions for the Eco Epoxy, mix together and apply a thin coat over the clay, let dry for a beautiful glossy shine!

Now I want to show you another mask I created the same way but......

with this mask I added Earth Safe Finishes Metallic Gold Powder over the clay instead of the Eco Epoxy for a completely different is amazing that these two mask were both created using the Makin's Clay® Earth Tones and yet they have two totally different results depending on what went on top of the clay.  They are both what ever your preference Makin's Clay® is sure to do the job! ~ Ann Butler
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