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Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July project

Just in time for 4th of July a Quick and Easy Candle Sleeve....
make it this morning and have it out this afternoon....

To make one you will need:
Makin's® Texture Sheet (your choice)
Makin's® Star Cutters
Makin's® Clay Roller
Beacon's Quick Grip Glue
Red Pillar Candle

Roll out blue clay with the clay roller to about 1/8" place texture sheet on top and roll with clay roller to create texture.  Use star cutter and cut out 8 stars; let dry.  Repeat with white clay.  Overlap blue stars over white stars gluing in place with Beacon's Quick Grip Glue; hold for just a few seconds for it to bond.  I used 16 stars for a 3" pillar candle you may have to use more or less depending upon the size of your candle.
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