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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

"Stripes" Necklace

STRIPES Necklace by Leila Bidler


Makin's Clay® White 60g, Black 60g
Makin's® Clay Roller
Any shape of clay cutter you like
Makin's Professional® Cutting Mat (big or small)
Makin's® Clay Basic Tool Set
Jump rings
Necklace base or cord


Divide your clay into half and roll out 2 logs of white and  2 logs of black of equal size.

Twist these logs together.

Roll this twisted log to thin it and fold it in half and roll again to create a marbled look.

Using your clay roller, flatten your marbled log, fold in half, roll out again. 

Repeat the last step several times until you get the desired mix, roll out a flat sheet/veneer. Do not over mix as the colors will blend after a while.

Use whatever shape of clay cutter you desire to cut out shapes from this marbled/striped veneer.

Use your Basic Tool Set tools to adjust the shapes as desired and needed and the needle tool to poke holes in the forms - let dry completely.

Add jump rings after the shapes have completely dried and string onto a cord or necklace base to complete your summer necklace!

Tip: try different colors to make color variations and create many different necklaces!

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