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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Urban Jungle Brooch

For this project you will need:

Makin's Clay® Natural, approx. 60g or less
Makin's Clay® Green
Makin's Clay® Red
Makin's Clay® Black
Makin's® Clay Roller
Makin's® Clay Cutter round
Makin's® Clay Texture bricks from the Summer Time set
Makin's® Clay Basic Tool Set
Hand drill
Acrylic Paint white
A stencil with some words or letters
Inkpad - color of your choice
Chalk pastels (I used burnt umber and black)
Soft paintbrush
Hard bristles brush
Brooch pin


- Grate some chalk onto your Makin's Clay® Natural and mix it in. Do not mix it perfectly, we want a non uniform grey to simulate a brick wall.

- Using your Makin's® Clay Roller roll out a sheet of aprox 1-2mm

- Take the brick texture from the Makin's® Clay Texture Summer Time set and impress it firmly into your clay sheet.

- Using the tools from your Makin's® Clay Basic Tool Set and a brush with stiff/hard bristles create some texture on the clay surface. You can also retrace the lines of the texture to make a deeper impression in some spots. We are looking for a rather weathered, cracked look.

- Now we need a stencil, it does not matter what it says or what letters it has, we want to try and create a fake "graffiti" on our wall. If you can not find a stencil small enough or that you like, take a piece of cardboard and cut out some random shapes or letters with an exacto knife. Put the stencil on your clay without pressing down too hard, and stamp some letters with your inkpad. If you just lightly touch the clay with the inkpad it will look like spray painted graffiti!

- Grate some more chalk and using your soft paintbrush apply some to the surface, especially the impressed lines and cracks. Wipe off excess with a slightly wet towel or a baby wipe.

- Get your green Makin's Clay® and roll our a few thin snakes to make the flower stems (or use your Makin's® Clay Professional Extruder) and apply them to the base, use some water or white glue to make them stick better.

- To form the leafs start with a teardrop shape and simply impress your Makin's® Clay tool, make a random number of them and apply at the base of your flower stems. Add some more green clay and impress it slightly with your tool to simulate grass

- Now we need petals for our poppies! a Poppy has 4 large petals, to form them start with a small ball of red clay, press it flat using your Makin's® Clay tool and then press them onto the clay base. use some water or white glue to help make it stick if needed.

- Take a tiny bit of black Makin's Clay® and add it to the center of the flower. You can also add some tiny green bits.

- Use your round Makin's® Clay cutter to cut out the shape, if you want the brooch to be slightly curved put it on a curved surface to dry, I am using the bottom of a soda can here.

- Add some white acrylic paint to the raised areas of the flowers and the "wall".

- Let it dry and glue a pin on the back and you are ready to wear your Urban Jungle brooch!

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