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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Peeled Texture Pendant

What can you do with your Makin’s Clay® when it’s gone past the experation date and has started to harden? Design Team Member Patricia Krauchune has been creating some amazing pieces by CARVING dried blocks of clay.  Design Team Member Bea Grob has shared ways to reconstitute clay that has not fully cured, but is not easily workable. Both are great ideas!  For this project I decided to try my hand at a twist of what Patricia does…. but instead of carving it, I’m peeling it!  The result is an interesting textural effect.


Makin’s® Clay Roller
Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat 
Makin’s® Round Clay Cutter Set - 4 piece 
Potato peeler 
Beacon Tacky Glue 
JudiKins™ Mica Gloss - Honeydew, Aquamarine, Prussian Blue, Peacock, 
Sari ribbon


If you do not have any “hardened” clay, open a package of white and allow it to begin to dry (until it is sort of “rubbery” but not fully cured). 

Roll a fresh package of clay into a sheet about 1/4” in thickness. 

 Select your colors of Mica Gloss and add a few drops of each to a work surface. Use your fingers to begin applying the mica gloss, allowing some colors to blend, etc. and cover your block of hardened clay.  Let the mica gloss dry. 

Apply a thick coat of tacky glue to the surface of the clay sheet. 

Use the potato peeler to begin peelng away stirps of the colored clay and applying them to the rolled clay to create a textural, layered effect. When you run out of colored surface to peel, add more mica gloss and repeat until you have covered enough of the rolled clay to make your project. 

When it is covered to your liking, use a round circle cutter to cut a disc from the clay. Add additional peelings of clay to fill any gaps as desired.  Make a hole at the top about 1/4” in from the edge for ribbon. 

Add mica gloss around the outer edge and on the back of the disc. Let the pendant dry for 24 hours. Seal if desired with sealant spray.

Add ribbon and closure.  


Nancy said...

What an interesting technique! Such wonderful texture! :o)

Pat Krauchune said...

WOW Cindi...I just love this technique! AWESOME!

Donna Wood said...

How unique. I like this look and the sari ribbon is perfect.

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