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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Everlasting Candy Hearts

Everlasting Words of Love By Carole Monahan
Just like your love, these candy hearts are EVERLASTING !

Makin's Clay® - White - 2 oz., Blue & Red 1 oz.
Clay Cutters - Hearts
Clay Mixing Ruler
Letter Stamps from Polymer Clay Express

Chameleon Marker in red


I used the color mixing ruler to determine the color recipe for a pastel pink.

I also mixed the red and blue with white to make the pastel purple.

The clay here is about ½ inch.  Use medium heart cutter to cut out a heart from pink and purple clay.

I used my letter stamps about ¼ inch size to make my words. Stamp it while the clay is still fresh.

But wait a day to let the clay cure before filling in the letters with your ink.


You could make these faux candy hearts as personal or as “naughty” as you would like!

A word of caution: make them big enough so as to not be a choking hazards for little ones that might mistake them for the candy. Or just keep out of their reach.

Have a wonderful Valentines DAY !

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Curious Clay Creations By Carole

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