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Friday, June 30, 2017

Smiling Sunflower Bottle

Smiling Sunflower Bottle by Darleen Bellan


Makin's Clay® - White
Miscellaneous clay tools
Small decorative bottle 
Fake eyeballs or beads for eyes
Watercolor or acrylic paints
Assorted brushes


Clean surface of bottle with soap and water

Roll a small ball of white clay and several tear drop pieces and arrange onto bottle to make sure designs will fit. Then put the tear drop shapes into an air tight container with a piece of a damp sponge so they do begin to dry.

Gently flatten the ball of clay onto the bottle.  
Roll some small pieces of white clay and arrange them onto the ball of clay  to sculpt into a nose, brow, and mouth. 

Place beads or other items in place to be eyes (I used small eyes I purchased on Etsy) and begin to sculpt the features of the brows and nose, adding other facial areas as you like

Start adding the teardrops and sculpting/tooling them with a tool of your choice     (I dip my tool in water as I use it to move on the clay easier).

Continue this until you have all the petals in place and blend any seams.

Add a rolled strand around the face and texture with a tool.  
I also added a small ladybug.

Allow to dry thoroughly for 24 hours.
Paint in your choice of colors.

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