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Monday, November 14, 2016

A Treetop Star for A Great Cause

A Star for a Cause by Carole Monahan 
This is the 2nd year my guild, the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild, has participated in a wonderful fundraising event for the Ronald McDonald House Trees of Hope.  Every guild member will make several polymer clay ornaments for our donated and fully decorated 5ft tree.   I will be contributing the tree topper this year as well as some of my Fae ornaments.

This is how I made the tree topper.


Makin's Clay® 17.6oz of white clay #31002
Makin's Professional®
  • Ultimate Clay Machine® 
  • Professional Clay Tools 
Beacon Adhesives™ Tacky Glue
Gold glitter
White and green acrylic paints
Green wire
Paint stirrer


Sharp blade
Paint brush fine
Mini clothes pins


Roll out the white clay in the Ultimate Clay Machine®  starting on setting #1, moving to #2, and ending on #3.

Cut out template squares from paper and lay them on the clay.  Cut the size 1st then score the lines to be cut with a sharp craft blade.

Here are all the squares cut and scored and left to semi dry for about 2 hours.

After the clay dried for about 2 hours I cut it with a sharp craft blade.

After the clay is cut now it is time to glue.  I used Beacon Adhesives™ Tacky Glue. You just need to alternate the sides that you glue.  I secured each side briefly as the glue quickly set.

Now for the FLASH!!  I used the Tacky Glue and a fine paint brush and edged all the sides of the cut segments and then I sprinkled them with a fine gold glitter.  An afterthought: you could also just use a glitter glue and save a step and SAVE
the TONS of glitter that is ALL over MY HOUSE, my face, and even my Hubby had glitter on his face!

I just happen to have a paint stirrer so I painted it white and some of it green to blend with the top of the tree.  I again grabbed the Tacky Glue and adhered 2 pieces at a time to the paint stick and I secured it with a clip until dry.

Now it is just waiting for the beautiful tree to put it on !  Keep an eye out on my Guilds Facebook page to see ALL the great polymer clay ornaments and the completed tree for the Ronald McDonald House in New Haven, CT!

TEMPLATE:  Reduce/Enlarge as desired.

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