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Monday, March 21, 2016

Steampunk Ribbon Necklace by Carole Monahan

Steampunk Ribbon Necklace
By Carole Monahan

This design makes me think of a CanCan Girls in Moulin Rouge!

Makin's Clay® 1oz of Red and Black
Metal ornate beads 4
Chain for necklace
Crimp beads
Stringing wire
Toggle clasp

Makin's Clay® Ultimate Clay Extruder™ with discs 2 and 7
Crimp tool for crimp beads
Needle nose pliers

This has a HUGE impact with a little effort!

1) Extrude an entire tube of red Makin's Clay® for the red large ribbon using the #7 disc in the Ultimate Clay Extruder™.  Then extrude a tube of the black clay with the #2 disc.  You will only need enough of the black to flank the sides of the red ribbon.

2) Smooth out the red ribbon and then attach the black string on the sides.  Make sure the clay is still damp so they adhere well.  If needed, moisten with a touch of water to adhere.  

3) Let this dry for at least 1 hour before shaping it.  Use your bead of choice when shaping the ribbon.
I used long needle pins (pic 2) to hold the ribbon in place while it dries and to set the hole for stringing.

4) After this is completely dry you can now string the focal part of the necklace.
5) String the necklace and use crimp beads to hold everything in place.

Now just add your chain of choice and the clasp and you are ready to Can Can with the best of them!

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