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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Cookies Ornaments by Andrijana Katavić

 by Andrijana Katavić 

Hello everyone!

There’s nothing like baking and decorating cookies to inspire creativity. In the kitchen, and also in our studios. I love to bake, and since holidays are not festive enough without cookies, I had to make some in my studio with Makin’s Clay®. I make sweet ornaments for my Christmas tree. My Makin’s® cookies are shiny and partially transparent, which makes them a great decoration for the window as well. What make these cookies even better than baked ones is that you do not need oven for making and they will last for years and years!


Makin’s Clay® Terra Cotta 120g
Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®
Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat
Feather Point from Makin’s Professional® Tools set
Spiky (pointy) modeling tool from Makin’s Clay® Mixing Ruler™
Makin’s® 3 Heart Cutters
Makin’s® 3 Star Cutters


2 x Plastic cup lid (transparent and flat)
Beacon™ Quick Grip Permanent Adhesive
Large cookie cutter - Star
Large crinkle cookie cutter - Heart
Glitter - red and green
Paint for glass - red and green
Painting brush
Metallic gold string ribbon (about half a meter long)
Wooden skewer


Place Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat on your working table. Unpack Terra Cotta Makin's Clay® and roll on #1 setting on a Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®.

With large cutter, cut two crinkle hearts from clay tile. Use your finger to smooth clay edges.

With large cutter, cut two stars from clay tile. Use your finger to smooth clay edges.

Turn one heart (side in which you looked during cutting should be placed on working mat). Carefully
place the second heart on top of the first one (side you're viewing while you cut stays facing you). Repeat the process for the stars.

Place medium Makin’s heart cutter in the middle of a big heart and cut. Place medium Makin’s star cutter in the middle of a big star and cut.

Carefully separate hearts and stars, and remove small forms from the cutters. Turn lower heart and star on the right side.

Gently tap on clay in all directions with a feather point tool to create texture. Apply texture to all stars and hearts. Tap the bottom side of the little star and heart as well.

Again turn one heart (textured side down on working mat), and carefully place the second heart on top of it. Poke hole with spiky (pointy) modeling tool which is included in Mixing Ruler set. Repeat the process for the stars. Separate hearts and stars.

With spiky (pointy) modeling tool poke holes on one side of small heart and star.
STEP 10.
Leave all clay parts to dry for about 12 hours. In the meantime prepare the transparent part of cookies ornament. With brush apply green glass paint on a plastic lid. With another brush, apply red glass paint on the second lid. Wait for about 15 - 20 minutes then apply a second coat on both lids. If necessary, add a third coat of paint.

NOTE: You can use alcohol inks, but since we do not have them in my country I used paints for glass.

STEP 11.
Immediately after coating a second coat of paint, sprinkle with green sequins on the green and red one to red lid. Leave both lids for a few hours to dry well.

STEP 12.
Use scissors to cut colored lids. Cut a piece of the lids large enough to cover hollow part of ornaments, but small enough to not exceed edges of shape or holes.

STEP 13.
On the bottom of a big heart (the side without texture) apply Beacon’s™ Quick Grip. Lightly press

glitter red lid part above the central of the heart. Then add a second heart (the side without texture) making sure the edges and holes overlap. To be sure that the holes in this position, pass again a spiky (pointy) modeling tool through hole. Press a bit that clay merges with glue, and set aside for glue to dry. Repeat the process for the stars.

NOTE: Be careful when gluing, because you want to see the texture on both sides of heart and star.

STEP 14.
Place metallic gold string ribbon on the Cutting Mat to measure it. Cut two ribbons of about 20 centimeters for a large, and about 10 cm for small ornaments.

STEP 15.
Apply a small amount of Beacon’s™ Quick Grip in holes on small ornaments, and with wooden skewer place ribbon ends inside. Set aside for adhesive to dry. Pass the ribbons through the holes in large ornament and tie ends.
Your Cookies ornaments are finished, and all you have to do is to place them on the Christmas tree or to attach them with double-sided adhesive tape on the window.

P. S. If you want to see other pieces that I made visit my blog

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