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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Petal Power Steampunk Pendant by Patricia Krauchune

Designed by Patricia Krauchune

Get your flower power in "gear" with this Makin's Clay® flower pendant. 

Supply List:

Makin’s Clay® - Yellow and Green
                         - Floral Push Mold 
Beacon Quick Grip™
Pebeo paint in Buttercup/English Red/Turquoise
Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos®
Vintaj® Patina
Large gear
Old watch face
Jump ring and ball chain


1) Press a small ball of yellow Makin's Clay® into the Makin's Clay® Floral Push Mold.  The
flexibility of the push mold allows you to remove the clay quite easily, even before the clay is dry.

2) Next trim up the edges.

3) Once the flower was completely dried, I applied Pebeo paint in buttercup and english red with a toothpick.  The paint will take several days to cure depending on the weather. When the paint was dried I attached an old watch face to the center of the flower using the Beacon Quick Grip™.  I also added a tiny screw to the hole in the watch face.

4) Again using the Makin's Clay® Floral Push Mold, I pushed a small ball of green Makin's Clay® into the leaf shape, removed it, trimmed the leaves and allowed the leaves to dry.

5) Once dry, I glued the leaves to the back of the flower using the Beacon Quick Grip™.

6) Using a toothpick, I applied turquoise and buttercup Pebeo paint to the leaves . Let cure for several days.

7) I used Vintaj® Patina paint in the moss color to paint the gear.

8) I then added a coat of Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos® to the watch face. Cure the resin in the sunlight or use a UV light.

9) Now using the Beacon Quick Grip™, glue the flower onto the gear.  Add a jump ring to the top of the gear.  

Thread some ball chain through the jump ring and now you have a flower pendant to wear. Makin's Clay® makes crafting fun and easy!

See you soon with another Makin's Clay® project.  An adventure with endless possibilities

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