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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Neon Flower Ring by Amanda Phillips

Neon Flower Ring
Designed by Amanda Phillips 


Makin's Clay® - 120g Neon Multi-Pack
                         - Ultimate Clay Machine™
                         - Clay Mixing Ruler™
                         - Flower Cutter Set 
Lg. Stylus
Strong Glue (such as Super Glue)
Craft knife 
Med. white brad
Stain w/ applicator ( your choice)


I put this little ring together in 10 minutes and have to say that I will be using this as the project at the neighborhood bash!  It was fun and easy and the possibilities in colors are endless! 

First you roll out a quarter sized ball of the neon pink Makin's Clay® on the #3 setting in your Ultimate Clay Machine™ (approximately 1/8" thick).

Using your Clay Mixing Ruler stick, hold onto one side of your strip and slice off the edge straight. then turn your clay around on your ruler measuring to the end of the inch marks (see pic). This will give you the perfect width for your ring. Now measuring the length of the finger you wish your ring to fit. (You may use string to do this ) allowing 1/2" for over lap, Cut and smooth edges. 

Roll a piece of neon Orange clay in your Ultimate Clay Machine™ on setting #2 (slightly thicker than 1/8"). 
Cut out using our Flower cutters both medium and small. 

Indent your petals with the stylus. 

Now place your flowers within one another and stick a hole in the middle for your brad...doing the same on the ring as well. Stick the brad through the entire thing marking the brad if it pushes through to your finger so you may trim off excess. Take apart and dab with glue and reassemble. Now use stain/glitter to highlight your petals. 

Thank you for joining me here today. HAVE FUN! 
Amanda Phillips


mcsuetx said...

Who sells the product?? It really looks like fun. There are about 13 little girls in this neighborhood

Cindi Bisson said...

Hello! We are glad you like the project and are interesting in perhaps trying Makin's Clay®! You can find a list of some of our authorized online retailers here - You can find a list of some of our actual store retailers here - We always recommend purchasing Makin's Clay® from an authorized seller so we can ensure you are receiving fresh, workable clay. Makin's Clay® should be very soft and ready to use right out of the package with no conditioning required.

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