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Friday, July 21, 2017

Give it a Swirl!

Swirl Necklace by Carole Monahan
Give it a Swirl!  Once again I used the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder® to show how versatile it is. Plus, Makin’s® has a NEW drill bit adapter for the extruder!
This simple yet glamourous necklace can be made in minutes and be 
made to match your mood and outfit!


Makin's Clay®, black I have about 2 oz here. 2 inch wide pendant
Pearl X interference gold
1 small bead for center
1 16” wire cord with screw clasp


Makin’s Professional® 
  • Ultimate Clay Extruder® Set -  Disc # 18
  • Ultimate Clay Extruder® Drill Adaptor
  • Ultimate Clay Machine®

Round cookie cutter

Load clay into extruder and attach drill bit adapter.

Please note GO SLOW when extruding since Makin’s Clay® is so nice and soft it, comes out rather easy. You NEVER want to go all the way down with the drill gun (NOTICE about 1inch of TREAD still visible) If you repeatedly go all the way to the end of the screw shaft with the drill you may risk stripping the screw shaft of the extruder.

It is JUST this easy!

Start center swirl keeping the edges nice and crisp on the top and sides.

Take a little water if needed to make sure the swirl stays together as you roll it up.
After you get the size you like (here is about 2”).

Take a round cookie cutter a little smaller than the swirl and roll out a flat disc of black clay to setting #2 on the clay machine, then cut out the disc.

Take your wire of choice and embed it into the plain cut disc.

Then top with the decorative swirl.

You can also wait until both pieces dry and glue them if your prefer.

Then you can add your bling and accents. I think the Pearl X really brings all the
details to life and the little pearl in the center is a great focal point.

You can see what else I’m up to here 

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