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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Way of the Fae - A Glance at their Dance Mobile by Carole Monahan

The Way of the Fae 
A Glance at their Dance 
Designed by Carole Monahan 

Come with me to visit the magical realm of the Fae. 
I have made a ring of petals and crystals that beckon them to dance. 
This is perfect for any lil’ princess Fae you may know…. 

Materials List:

Makin's Clay® 1 120g package white split in half 
2 colors of Acrylic paints I used metallic pink and purple 
1oz Makin's Clay® dark green 
1oz Makin's Clay® white 
Heavy gauge fishing wire 
Seed beads clear 
Assorted Crystals 
Embroidery hoop 
Beacon™ Quick grip glue

Tools List:

Makin's Clay® Cutter Sets
Flowers and Leaves # 37005 

Makin's Clay® Ultimate Clay Extruder™  and medium round disc

Several ball sculpting tools 
1 needle pierce tool 
X-acto  blade 
Younger and better eyes then MINE ! lol 


Step 1- Color the white clay with a few drops of acrylic paint. I like to use gloves when I mix but you can also mix it in a zip top bag.

Step 2- let color set up and fully absord int othe clay and then you can roll it out on setting # 3 on 

Step 3- cut out flowers with your Makin's Clay® Flowers and Leaves # 37005 cutter set

Note how thin they are and here you can see the 2nd color I choose. 

Step 4- cut slits with your X-acto blade before sculpting  
Please note I sculpt the flowers in the palm of my hand (but that was hard to take the picture) 
To see a detailed video demo of how I sculpt the flowers please see my Blog post 

Step 5- 2 tone colored leaves 

Mix some Makin's Clay® white with green and don’t completely mix it leave it with some 
variations in the color. It looks more natural to me

Then cut out the leaves and stack them in set of 2 to dry. 

I made leaves and Spiral vines with the mixed clay. 

Step 6- I cut out one color of flowers 1st 
I left them under a damp paper towel so they would remain pliable.
I worked on them 1 at a time and then set them in a mini muffin tin to dry so they would hold their shape.   

Step 7- lay out the flowers and crystals in the order you want to string them
Remember you need to have them balanced or your hoop will be lopsided.
I have tied off a clear seed bead in order to suspend each flower in crystal so they look like they float. 
You can see this in the middle close up picture 

So you want one centered set and all the others in sets of 2. As shown on the last picture
I doubled the fishing wire and tied it off to form an X in the center of the ring. 
Tie the ribbon in a tight cross pattern over the hoop in order to hang your completed mobile.

This piece is not meant for outdoor use. 

Remember……. Be boundless be creative !
There are NO mistakes; only learning and growing!

You can see more of my Curious Clay Creations on these pages 

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