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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Sunflower by Madeline Arendt

 Summer Sunflower 
Designed by Madeline Arendt

Summer speaks of beaches, sand, picnics, gardens and so much more.  One thing I enjoy the most is summer sunflowers that begin to bloom from now through the start of autumn.

Creating the sunflower was a lesson in how to mix Makin's Clay® with paint to develop new colors.  Here is a link to find more information on this topic: Mixing Chart.  This was also an experiment to see how metallic paints would work for mixing.  There was some shimmer to the mixed clay but not as much as I had hoped for.

I mixed clay and paint to make three different shades for the flower petals, the flower centers, and the leaves.  For some colors, I mixed another color of clay after combining the paint and original clay.

NOTE: The amounts mixed for this project was enough to make all the elements cut and molded to create the sunflower.  Paints used in this project were Plaid® folkart metallic colors and DecoArt® media acrylics.  It easy clean up, use latex gloves when mixing paint and clay. 

Use the Mixing Ruler to measure the clay and the paint.  Wash and dry the ruler after using for paint.  Fill the coordinating letter on the mixing ruler with clay and paint to obtain the colors.

The mixing chart for each color is as follows:

Clay Color              Clay            Paint                                            Finished Color/Shape
Yellow                         I                 E-Yellow Oxide                         Yellow Petals/Small Bulb
Terra Cotta                  I                 E-Metallic Gold                          Russet Petals/Medium Bulb
White                          I+F            H-Metallic Copper+
                                                      E-Yellow Oxide+
                                                      drop Metallic Red Garnet           Dark Salmon/Medium Bulb
Green                          H+              D-Metallic Peridot
Dark Green                 G                                                                    Leaf Green/Push Mold
Brown                         H+
Black                           G               drop of Metallic Copper              Center/Large Round


For each petal color, roll the clay on the white side of the cutting mat. Cut at least 10 medium petals
of the darker colors.  Cut 24 small petals from the yellow shade.

Before the clay dries, reshape the petals in you fingers by slightly pulling to elongate and add some variety to the petals.

Press the green mixed clay into the push mold to form 2 large leaves and 3 smaller.  
Roll the brown clay to a thickness slightly more than 1/8".  Cut one 
large round shape and one large sun shape.

Allow all the cut and molded pieces to dry

To assemble flower: Use about 9 petals and space them on the back side of the round center piece and glue with tacky glue.  

Turn the piece over and repeat with another 9 petals of the other dark color.

Place the small yellow petals around the center in another layer.  Glue in place. 

For the final roll,  place another of the small petals, placing them slightly lower than the previous row.  Glue them in place. 

To finish, glue the sun shape over the center, covering the petals. 

Glue the leaves onto the back side in any desired arrangement.

Glue a circle of felt to the back.

Spread a layer of tacky glue over the sun shape and sprinkle on black seed beads.  

NOTE:  If desired, brush Pearl Ex powders of choice onto the petals, leaves and beads for some contrasts.

The finished piece may find its way to becoming a focal embellishment on a handmade purse, a brooch, a necklace or even a home decor item.  


Martha Lucia Gomez said...

Madeline, I really love your flower. Congratulations for your excellent creation and tutorial. Hugs!!! Martha Lucia

Pat krauchune said...

Wicked nice girl!

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