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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Perry the Piranha by Patricia Krauchune

Designed by Patricia Krauchune 

Summertime and the crafting is easy, fish are jumping and the temperatures high... Pat here, hope you give this a try...I promise this little fishy won't bite! 

Supply List:

Makin’s Clay® -  Natural
                          -  Texture Sheet Set D "Scales"
LUMIERE® Metallic Silver Paint
MONA LISA Precious Metal Powders in Silver/Rust/Platinum

Dremel® saw blade cut in half
Various watch parts
Small spring

(2) glass head pins 
Small rivets
Piranha Pattern (see below) 
Lisa Pavelka Poly Bonder™
Craft knife
Small lock washer
Small piece of 16G copper wire 
Zip lock plastic baggie 


Put 1/2 package 120g Natural Makin's Clay® (about 60g)  in the zip lock baggie. Add about (1) teaspoon of the silver paint and about 1/2 teaspoon of silver, rust and platinum metal powders in the bag with the clay.

Close the baggie and knead until all the paint and metal powders are mixed completely. If you do not have any metal powders, you can add a little rust and platinum colored paints to get the desired look.

Once completely mixed, take the clay and place on a piece of waxed paper.

Roll clay to a 1/4" thickness.

Place the Makin's® "Scales" Texture sheet over the rolled out clay and burnish to impress the pattern into the clay.

Now place the piranha pattern on the clay and cut out with a craft knife.

Here's what your fish should look like.

Using your craft knife, carefully cut a small slit in the upper and lower jaws and slide the Dremel® saw blade halves that have a little Poly Bonder™ on the ends in place. Next glue a lock washer for the eye with a glass head pin in the center using the Poly Bonder.

 I added a few watch parts on the fins.  Use your imagination for your custom piranha's embellishments. 

At this point, add the propeller held in place with a glass head pin.  Bend a small piece of copper wire into a loop and slide into the clay just above the eye with a little Poly Bonder™ on the loop ends. 

You can add small rivets like I did along the edges of the piranha or add other additions of your choice.  I also added a small spring between the tail fins. 

I added a little more rust metal powder along the edge.  This is a matter of choice and what suits your eye. 

So here he is, Perry the Piranha. Hope you will be 
Makin® one yourself! 


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