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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Makin's Clay® Jewelry Dishes by Martha Lucia Gomez

Makin's Clay® Jewelry Dishes
By Martha Lucia Gomez

Hello everyone, Martha Lucia here to share with you these little dishes to hold jewelry or little things and keep your stuff organized, which is why I decided it would be best to personalize it.
  • Makin’s Clay® 
        • Multi Neon, White 
        • Sea Shells Push Mold
        • Texture Sheets - Set H: Abstract A, Abstract B, Coils
        • sStar Cutter Set
        •  Professional Cutting Mat (L)
        • Roller
  • Alphabet Mold by Stampin Up
  • Circle framelits by Stampin Up
  • Small dishes to create a mold
  • Acrylic Gold Paint
  • Black Gold Pain Brush
  • Beacon’s™ Quick Grip Permanent Adhesive

Place Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat on your working table using the rolling side. Use the Makin's Clay® Roller to give your neon clay a smooth texture.

Using your hands, press the roller over the clay and create a thin layer with this. Then put a texture plate over the clay and with the roller press the entire piece to create the embossing and remove carefully.

Using a circle form, cut a circle over the embossed piece and using a little cup as base give the desired form. Let your little dish dry for 24 hours.

After this you can paint or sand the borders.   Repeat the process with the other colors and designs of texture sheets. You can use different sizes of circles and different textures.

If you want you can mix the leftover pieces of clay to create a new color. If these are dry, you only need to add a few drops of water and mix with your hands to give it the smooth texture again and you will have a new great color. I used more yellow that pink and here is the result. I didn't wanted to give to emboss this, so instead, I left the pink touches of color be the design of this bowl.

To decorate the dishes I used some sea shell molds and cutting stars that I made with Makin's Clay® in White.  To personalize one of the dishes I used an alphabet mold to make letters with Makin's Clay® in Pink Neon.

Remember to let all your pieces created with Makin's Clay® dry for about 24 hours before painting
or sanding them. To finalize the decoration I painted the borders of the dishes and embellishment with Gold acrylic pain and pasted the embellishments with Beacon’s™ Quick Grip Permanent Adhesive.

After drying for about 24 hours the clay is still flexible, meaning you can disrupt its shape or texture if you don't handle them carefully. So keep your little dishes in a safe place and avoid hot surfaces.

 I hope you enjoyed today's post and I would love to have you visit my blog Stampartpapel HERE and have you as a friend, follower and subscriber to my following social media avenues: Facebook Fans, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr.

Thank you for stopping by today and have a happy summer!!! Martha Lucia

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