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Thursday, June 4, 2015

She Wears Sea Shells Jewelry by Madeline Arendt

She Wears Sea Shells Jewelry
Designed by Madeline Arendt

"Summertime and the living is easy!"  No matter where you may live, summer brings with it thoughts of hot sunny days, ice tea, sand, beaches and gathering sea shells.  Unable to search for your own sea shells ... why not make some.


Makin's Clay® - Natural
                         - Push Mold - Sea Shells
                         - Makin's Clay® Tools
Adirondack Alcohol Ink - Stream
Perfect Pearl™- Turquoise/Perfect Gold/Kiwi
Distress Stain - Walnut Stain
Distress Stickles™- Antique Linen
Deco Art® Media Fluid Acrylics - Blue Green Light/ Green Gold/Primary Yellow
Earth Safe Finish Varnish
Clear Matte Spray Finish
Jewelry Findings - Cable Chain, Jump Rings, Ear Wires, Ring Blank, Acrylic Bracelet
Jewelry Tools
Beacon Adhesives™ Tacky Glue, 3-in-1 Adhesive
Ribbon, 1/4" Off-White


NOTES:  Once all of the shapes are made allow to dry, usually 24 hours. 

1.  Using the natural color clay, roll into a ball about 3/4" diameter and press into the large scallop
shell shape of the push mold.  Remove to dry.  Repeat this five more times.

2.  Repeat the same step as above using about 1/2" diameter ball of clay for the smaller scallop shell, making four more small shells.

3.  Repeat to make a fish, starfish, and two long shells.

4.  Use the piercing tool to form a hole into the top of each of the shell shapes.  Make the hole large enough to place a jump ring through.  NOTE:  Use the knife tool to remove any excess "flash" that may show around the edges of the dried shapes and sand lightly if necessary.   

5.  To color the scallop shells, brush on both the  Perfect Gold and Turquoise Perfect Pearls™
powders with a small brush.  To color the long shells, brush on both the Perfect Gold and Kiwi powders first.  Use the Walnut Stain Distress Stain and simply rub it over the shell shape. Wipe off any excess stain.  To color the starfish shape, brush on the Perfect Gold and Kiwi powders, then apply the Distress Stain.  Use a brush if necessary to add some stain into the areas near the center of the shape.  Dab onto the entire surface some Distress Stickles for added texture.  Use acrylic paints to for the fish shape.  Paint as desired.  Add some Distress Stain over the painted surface.  Glue a dark crystal into the eye socket, using the tacky glue.

6.  Place the cable chain onto a piece waxed paper or parchment paper to protect the work surface.  Apply alcohol ink onto the chain and brush it over the entire surface of the chain.  Turn and apply more if necessary.  Repeat this process to any other metal jewelry findings if desired.  Use the ink to color the acrylic bracelet also.

7.   Using the jewelry tools, add jump rings to all the shells.  Add them to the cable chain, spacing evenly across the chain.  For the earrings, add another jump ring between the long shell and the ear wire so they hang correctly.

8.   To finish the necklace, cut two lengths of ribbon, approximately 12" long.  Attach the  end of the ribbon to the last ring of the cable chain and tie a knot.  Determine the length of the necklace for tying and trim the ribbons.

9.   To complete the ring, Cut a small circle of felt.  Glue the felt onto the top of the ring blank, then glue the starfish shape onto the felt cover ring blank using the 3-in-1 glue.

10.   To finish the bracelet, cut a small piece of felt and glue to the center of the bracelet.  Glue the fish shape into the felt piece using the 3-in-1 glue.  NOTE: I die-cut some greenery shapes from paper to be applied onto the bracelet and coated with a clear varnish.  This step is optional.

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