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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baroque Style Earrings by Carole Monahan

Baroque Style Earrings
By Carole Monahan

Materials List: 

Makin’s Clay® - Black ½ ounce
                          - Push Mold Florals # 39005 
Mica powder 
Beacon® Tacky Glue 
PYM Sealant Spray
2 Headpins 3” 21 Gauge  
2 oval jump rings
1 Pair Earwire 
6 crystal beads (3 pairs) 

2 Chain nose pliers
1 step looper pliers 
(these are my favorite short cut)  
Sharp Exacto Knife


This is a fun technique that can be used with many of  Makin’s Clay® push molds!
Here I used the Florals mold and took advantage of the mirror image of this Baroque style design.  

It takes a tiny amount of clay but they have a BIG impact! 
The amount of clay shown here I made about 8 pairs of earrings.

Step 1 I filled the desired design in the Push mold with the 
Makin’s Clay® and I made sure it was as flat as possible on the back and I trimmed any access away with an exacto blade while clay was still soft. You will need to do this step 2 times

Step 2 After waiting a few hours for the clay to cure I removed it from the mold and dusted the still damp clay with Mica powder: I used Pearl Ex Interference Violet. 

I made this chart so I can see what each color Mica powder looks like on the black clay I have one for white clay as well.

As you can see I have used this for YEARS ! 

Now for my 1st installation of LIVE AND LEARN------ What I should have done was to color the clay with Mica powder after ALL the other steps right before gluing the sides together. I should have lightly coated it with the Beacon Tacky glue and THEN coated it in the mica powder. Since I ended up applying the mica over again with the glue, since I rubbed it off during the other steps. 

Step 3 After the piece is fully cured, usually overnight: it is the best to assure it is completely cured. You can now trim to your desired shape. Keep in mind they are to be glued together so you want the sides even. Just trim with a sharp Exacto knife. You also want to clean up any edges at this time with the Exacto blade. 

Step 4 Sanding… You want to further clean up any edges and make sure the black of the piece is as flat as possible. (See how I’m messing up the mica!) 

A flat back will ensure the 2 side glue together tightly. 
Step 5 Glueing: Lightly coat each side with Beacon Tacky glue let it rest for a few minutes before joining the sides together. Note I placed the Head pin WITH the large bottom stone in place before
joining the sides together. 

At this point you want to spray seal your piece with PYM or another waterproof sealant.
You want to do this before you add the earwires. 

Step 6 : Findings Add the rest of your beads to the top of your Headpin.

Then Take the One Step Looper and make a Loop on the top. There are some great videos that show this tool in action! 

Then add the Oval jump rings (I love the Oval rings I think they just look better.) 
Open the Jump ring with the Chain nose pliers and add it to the top loop from the earing and add the Earwire. 

Remember….. Be boundless…. Be Creative!
There are NO mistakes only learning and growing!

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