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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flower Shawl Pin by Andrijana Katavic

Flower Shawl Pin 

Hello everyone! Global warming has made quite a mess with weather in my country. In Serbia currently it should be the beginning of the summer, but in just one day we have several seasons. Summer is not one of them. So, without a sweater, boots and umbrella it is not advisable to go out. When the weather is like this I love to wear knitted or woven shawls. When it is cold I just take the shawl from my bag and wrap it around my shoulders. And, if it suddenly starts to be warm it's easy to put the shawl back in the bag. Since I had to wear shawls very often during May, I decided to make another shawl pin, but this time with Makin's Clay®. So, here it is in a step by step tutorial!


Makin’s Clay® - Clay Mixing Ruler™
                         - Roller & Cutters Tool Set
                         - Makin's Clay® White 60 g
                         - 3 Flower Cutters
                         - Curly Fur Texture Sheets - Set E
                         - Plastic package from Makin’s® Flower Cutters Set
Beacon Adhesives™ Premium Tacky Glue
Glass or ceramic tile
Wooden Skewer
Wavy scissors
Black marker
Sharp knife
FIMO Bronze Powder


Starting from pointy part of skewer, with Mixing Ruler™ measure 8 centimeters and mark it with black marker. Tracing the marked point cut the skewer with sharp knife. Leave pointy part of skewer on your work table, and rest of it place aside for some other project.

Place glass or ceramic tile on your work table. Open white Makin’s Clay® and with Makin’s® Roller
make tile approximately half a centimeter thick.

Place Makin’s® Curly Fur texture sheets (from Set E) on clay tile, and press it with roller. Carefully remove corner of texture sheet to check if the pattern is well impressed on clay. If so, remove the texture sheet.

With the smallest cutter, cut two flowers on corner of textured clay tile. Carefully remove rest of clay tile from glass or ceramic work 
surface. Place plastic package from Makin’s® Flower Cutters Set in the middle of clay tile. Following the contours of plastic package cut clay with wavy scissors. Remove plastic package, and place shaped clay on the work surface. Put medium flower cutter in the middle of the clay and cut it. Use your finger to smooth clay edges.

On a glass or ceramic tile pour a small amount of FIMO bronze powder. Use your finger to apply the powder over the surface of the textured clay. Also, apply powder on both (earlier cut) small clay flowers.

On back of both small clay flowers apply a tick coat of Beacon’s™ Premium Tacky Glue. Take earlier cut skewer, place on one clay flower (on side with glue), and then put another clay flower. Gently press flowers with your fingers to merge them around the skewer. Smooth edges with your fingers.

Bend large flower gently around the Makin’s® roller. Allow at least 24 hours to dry. After drying,

varnish your project and leave to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Remove large
flower from roller and put your pin on shawl.

And... Wear it with pride and smile!

P. S. If you want to see other shawl pins that I made visit my blog

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