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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Floral Bangle Bracelet by Kim Hale

Floral Bangle Bracelet 
Designed By Kim Hale 

This lovely bangle would make a beautiful gift for Mother's Day, a birthday, or just because.  Or make one for yourself and add a little springtime to your outfit! 


Makin's Clay® - Natural, Plum Wine, Green 
                         - Floral Push Mold
                         - Weave Texture Sheet 
                         - Clay Mixing Ruler™
                         - Ultimate Clay Machine™
Lumiere Acrylic Paint- True Gold
Inka Gold- Old Silver and Violet
Brass Blank- sanded lightly with 220 grit sandpaper
Beacon™ Tacky Glue

Roll out Makin’s® natural clay to a three on the Ultimate Clay Machine™.  Texture with weave pattern texture sheet and place on brass bangle.  Make sure to not wrap the bangle too tightly and do not trim excess to hard on the edges as the clay will shrink a small amount when cured.   Carefully blend the two ends together to seal the seem.  Highlight with Lumiere acrylic paint.  This will help to hide the seem.  Set this aside to cure/dry for 24 hours. 
I wanted a richer color for the flowers so I used the Clay Mixing Ruler™  and combined a small amount natural with purple.  Mix colors until a new color is formed.  By using the Clay Mixing Ruler, you can ensure that you can easily duplicate the desired color by following the same measurements of each color of clay. 

Make the flowers and leaves with the floral push mold and attach to bangle adding a little Beacon Tacky Glue to the back before mounting to the dry clay on the bangle. 

Tip:  I used the mixing ruler to get the same amount of clay for each flower and leaf. I found that having the right of amount of clay for the mold worked better then trying to add large amount of clay and trim away.  

Let flowers and leaves dry for 24 hours.
To finish project I highlighted the flowers and leaves with Inka Gold Metalic Rub in old silver and violet.

1 comment:

Martha Lucia Gomez said...

Kim, I love this bracelet. Thank you for the tutorial, with your instructions it looks very easy. I will try to made one. Hugs!
Martha Lucia

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