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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tips for working with Makin's® Clay

How to Achieve Best Results in Removing
Makin's Clay from Inner Packaging :

When working with the Ultimate Clay Machine

  • Remove outer plastic vacuum Bag.
  • Open inner plastic wrapping using craft knife or clay blade and spread package flat on work surface. Do not remove inner plastic wrapping.
  • Let clay sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Use hands or roller to lightly flatten clay against plastic wrapping. Do not remove wrapping.
  • Insert clay and wrapping material together, clay side up, into Ultimate Clay Machine on #1 setting.
  • Make one pass through clay machine with wrapping still attached.
  • Turn clay 90 degrees and make second pass using #2 setting with wrapping attached.
  • Peel wrapping from clay. If clay does not peel easily from wrapping, run clay with wrapping attached through clay machine one or two more times.
  • After removing clay from wrapping, cut off amount of clay to be used immediately, and roll remaining clay into log or short plug shape. Store in air-tight container such as a zip lock bag or cover with damp cloth for more immediate use.
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