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Monday, October 14, 2013

Technique Basics with Makin's® Clay

Basic Techniques:
  • Select a clean working area.
  • Take a small piece of clay and place the remainder of the clay in an airtight plastic bag for storage or cover with wet towel while you are working.
  • Knead the clay for few minutes; while the clay is still soft, it can be shaped, rolled, stretched, or sculpted.
  • If the clay starts to dry, you can mist the clay with a water bottle and knead the moisture back into the clay. It dries at normal exposure to air and it sets hard overnight or longer, depending on thickness of clay.
  • Easy clean-up with soap and water.
  • Makin's Clay® mixed with water based hand lotion
    If dry hands are absorbing the moisture out of the clay too rapidly a waterbased hand lotion/cream can be used prior to handling the clay. This lotion/cream can also be used for lubricating the push moulds and/or texture sheets.
Rainbow On Clay 
  • Makin's Clay® can be mixed together to make more color.
  • With different techniques, such as etching, slicing, embossing, spiraling, blending, gathering and mosaics, you can create many different looks.
Antique On Clay 
  • With techniques such as antiquing, stamping, marbling, mixing, slicing and blending, you can create many different looks with Makin's Clay®.
Crystal Reflections® (Plastic Shapes) with Clay 
  • Makin's Clay® molds and bonds to surfaces such as Crystal Reflections®, wood, glass, and plastic. Just add a thin coat of adhesive on the base surface before applying the clay for best adhesion results.
Beginners' Techniques :
With the help of our Makin's® tools, such as Push Molds, Clay Texture Sheets, Clay Cutters, beginners will find it easy to create layered sculptured designs.
Intermediate Crafters' Techniques :
Intermediate crafters will find our full set of tools combined with the Clay Mixing Ruler™ creates a large range of colors to expand their horizons. The projects help them to develop new techniques as they work through them.
Professional Crafters' Techniques :
Professional crafters can combine their professional skills with Makin's Clay®, and move onto more advanced methods: marbling, texturing, bead making, faux-stone effect and more.

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