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Monday, September 2, 2013

Student Name Tags & More

Many of my friends are teachers and are beginning to think about planning for the return to school and their new students in August.   When looking through the wide assortment of cutter sets offered by Makin's Clay®, I saw this "Children" cutters set and my creative mind immediately pictured name tags for the kids!   When I worked in first grade we always made name tags for the kids when they started school to help them (and us!) learn each others names.   We also had a "green/yellow/red" discipline system for the classroom.  I can picture adorable, re-usable, name tags made with Makin's Clay® and this cutter set, and cute little "students" made with the set that could be moved from "green" to "yellow/red" when needed.  Teachers could add removable labels to the pre-made tags and students and change them each year.    I may just have to whip out my Children Cutters Set and some Makin's Clay® and create a set for one of my teacher friends! - Cindi

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