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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More tips for Liquified Makin's® Clay

Here are some additional how tos when working with Liquified Makin's® Clay:

• Sheets of liquified Makin's Clay® applied to ceramic tile dry with matte finish on surface, and smooth shiny finish wherever clay is in contact with tile. A gloss finish is desirable for many applications and requires no additional sanding, finishing, or use of glaze or varnish. Either side or both sides of clay can be used depending on finish desired. One application results in two finishes.
• Custom colored liquified Makin's Clay® can be achieved by placing two or more sheets of Makin's Clay® into bag as in Step #1, or by adding acrylic paint to bag either before or after liquification. Some additional mixing by hand may be required after clay liquifies.
• Makin's Clay® in liquified form can be stored in plastic bag.
• Makin's Clay® in liquified form should be safely, easily, and conveniently discarded in same plastic bag used for liquifying. Clay should not be poured or flushed down household drains.

Please note: During testing, acrylic paint added to Makin’s Clay® did not absorb paint and did not liquify as well as clay with no paint added. Acrylic paint added after clay liquified mixed well with clay

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