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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Memory Frame How to

Here are some simple directions
for making one of 

Memory Frame Kit Baby Design

Makin’s Clay has a great selection of Memory Frame Kits so that you can create your own One of a Kind design.  When my first grandchild Blake was born I could not think of a better way to capture that memory than with one Makin’s Memory Frame Kits.  I was able to make an impression of his feet into the Air Dry Polymer Clay for his parents to treasure forever; (for this I waited until he was about 3 months old).  The kit comes complete with Frame, Clay, Mini Clay Roller, Mat Frame and Acrylic.  Add your favorite scrapbooking papers and pictures to get started on making your own Original Memory Frame.

Read through all instructions before starting.


Makin’s Double Turning Memory Frame Kit (
Hot Off the Press Heritage Papers (
Beacon Tacky Glue (
Beacons Zip Dry Paper Glue (
Picture of Choice
Black Cardstock
1 Mat Board 5” x 7”
Cleaning Cloth


1.       Open Memory Frame Kit remove protective paper off acrylic.
2.       Roll clay out and place one foot into it then trim, do this for each foot.  Let dry 24 – 48 hours.
3.       Cut 4 background papers to 5” x 7”.
4.       Cut letters for words then glue to black cardstock; cut again leaving 1/16” – 1/8” black showing.  Glue words onto 2 of background papers.
5.       Glue picture to 3rd background, frame with scrapbook paper if desired.
6.       Glue last background paper to Mat Board.
7.       Assemble Memory Frame placing picture and date back to back on one side and name and mat board back to back on the other.  Use a generous amount of Beacon Tacky Glue to secure clay foot prints to mat board background paper.  Lay flat with foot prints facing up to dry 12 – 24 hours.
8.       Wipe acrylic with cleaning cloth then insert in frame.
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