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Monday, April 8, 2013

Makin's Clay® Memory Frames

Makin's Clay® has these great Memory Frames
which make a perfect gift....

While this project is not complete....
I want to show you how the process
and how Velcro Brand Adhesive makes it easy to finish
when the time is right!
There are several Memory Frames to choose from
for this one I choose the Double Turning Frame

Each kit comes with a package of 
so that you are able to capture
a foot print, hand print or 
to create something for the frame.
I rolled out the clay.

I used footprint rubber stamps
to create temporary footprints
for the Memory Frame,
I will take the real foot impressions
when my grandson about 3 months old
and his feet are  a bit stonger
to be pressed for a good impression.

These are small so there is enough left over clay
to use for the real foot impressions,
just be sure to keep the left over clay in a 
zip lock bag to keep it from drying out. 

Let these dry completely 
which can take about 48 hours 
depending upon thickness.

on the back of the clay impressions.

and also on the fabric which I used as a backdrop
in the frame.   By using the Velcro 
it will be easy to change out the 
rubber stamped impressions for 
the real ones once they are made!

Here are two sides of the frame,
if you follow my blog you may recognize
that the lettering and background
match the curtains and boarder
I made for the nursery ...
The letters here were made from left over
Donald Duck pictures I had.

Here is another way the frame can look,
the picture side is not finished yet,
since it in a shadow box, I want to find
a small Donald Duck to put in there at the
bottom to go with the theme of 
the nursery.

Here is another way the frame can go,
of course the real footprints
will take up a bit more room than these
which will fill up this side of the shadow box better.

Here is another way the frame can go.

This photo shows how easy it is
for the frame to turn.
These make great gifts....
check them out!
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