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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Faith is the Bird... ICE Resin® Mixed-Media Pendant

The sound of happy birds in the springtime always lift my mood – this mixed-media, multi-dimensional pendant celebrates the birds of springtime. 
  • ICE Resin® 
  • Opaque Silk Ribbon Bundle – “Muted Multicolor”
  • Mixed Metal Rectangle Bezel Large – Antique Bronze 
  • German Glass Glitter – Cirque 
  • Paper Sealer 
  • Cosmo Cricket Tiny Text sticker verse 
  • Brass bird charm 
  • Twig 
  • Dried grass or faux birds nest 
  • Small feathers 
  • Makin’s Clay® – Natural 
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks 
  • Scissors

1) Trim Faith is a Bird verse sticker to fit inside bezel.
2) Seal with Paper Sealer.
3) Place verse into bezel.
4) Trim piece of faux birds nest, or use dried grass to create nest, to fit inside bottom portion of bezel.
5) Mix ICE Resin® per manufacturer instructions, pour into bezel.
6) Sprinkle copper colored glitter along left and right edges of sticker.
7) Coat twig with ICE Resin®.  Set onto filled bezel extending beyond bottom of nest.  Let resin cure in bezel and on twig.
8) Create 3 miniature eggs from Natural Makin’s Clay®, let dry and then seal with ICE Resin®.  Let dry.  Mount inside nest.
9) Measure and cut strp of coordinating opaque silk ribbon to hang pendant.
10) Place through bottom hole on bezel, extending about 1 1/2″.  Bring up along back of bezel, and place through top loop on bezel.  Loop ribbon around and tie knot at loop.  Extend end of ribbon down and twist around ribbon on back of bezel, and extend beyond base of bezel approximately 2″.
11) Use hot glue to mount brass bird charm to ribbons extending off bottom of bezel.

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